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Our Company

The foundation of TWC Nutrition is our people. Our teams consist of industry experts in all areas of our business and from all walks of life. With respect to diversity of opinions and people, we seek out individuals that are passionate and invested in fuelling healthy, active lifestyles. 

From manufacturing to marketing, our teams of specialists are driven to deliver the best possible product because we believe it is the best. Steeped in a history rich with innovation, we proudly diverge from the beaten path to lead the industry in natural nutrition, quality third-party testing and performance-based results. 

Our product lines are made free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and our ingredients are selectively sourced from suppliers around the world to meet our discerning specifications and performance requirements. With a dedicated research and development team in a custom testing and formulation lab, we approach hurdles with a tenacity to innovate beyond current expectations.

Our products are third-party tested to verify ingredients, purity, potency and label claims. This testing is conducted by the leading accredited certifier of dietary supplements, NSF International. With a 65-year history of protecting public health, the independent non-profit public health organization is the gold standard when it comes to quality and safety certifications. 

At TWC Nutrition, we are completely vertically integrated, managing all aspects of a product from inception through to manufacturing and distribution. With increased efficiencies, a spectrum of capabilities and two unique product lines, we can quickly adapt to shifting consumer interests, advancements in health nutrition and changing market demands.

Our extensive knowledge in regulatory affairs in Canada, the United States of America, Asia, Europe and South Pacific has helped position us for unlimited growth. We work with some of the largest mass market retailers across Canada and U.S.A., along with the smallest independent business accounts. This has provided TWC Nutrition a strong understanding of global dynamics, requirements and demands that are key to our distribution in over 22 countries.

Our Manufacturing

At TWC Nutrition safety comes first for our people, products, quality assurance and production. This includes thorough training in GMP practices, WHMIS, HACCP and strict adherence to all safety protocols. 

Invested in continuous improvement, our knowledgeable team follows lean manufacturing and six sigma principles. Operating under a perpetual inventory system, we practice material resource planning, first in/out processes, product traceability and we use intelligent technologies and system analytics.

Our peanut free facility manufactures in 24-hour shifts with pharmaceutical grade equipment. We have automated production lines for blending and packaging powders with shrink or pressure-sensitive labels. We can also package capsules, tablets and softgels as well as fill and package single serve powder. Additional capabilities include cartoning and semi-automatic tablet filling and packaging.

We are fully compliant with all Canadian and international quality control standards and we manufacture in accordance with NSF GMP guidelines. We take great strides to maintain the integrity of our manufacturing. Our facility operates under exacting environmental, cleaning and room configuration controls to prevent cross-contamination and effectively assure seamless production transitions.

Pharmaceutical Grade Equipment

24 Hour Shifts

Peanut Free Facility

Fulfillment Warehouses

Our Quality

TWC Nutrition takes broad, comprehensive science and risk-based approaches to ensure the safety and integrity of all our products. Our processes and facilities are managed under the superior quality control standards of certifying and legislative organizations of Health Canada, SQF Code for Manufacturing, CFIA, FDA and NSF International.

At TWC Nutrition our on-site, dedicated Quality Assurance and Control teams of scientists and inspectors anticipate and manage risk, establishing multiple methods and controls to ensure our products meet the highest standards. All ingredients, packaging, processes, third-party suppliers and contract testing labs are qualified to meet our extensive food safety systems though audits and documentation. In accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) all procedures, policies, and testing methodologies are defined in our standard operating procedures (SOPs), a comprehensive set of documentation which maintains consistency throughout the entire manufacturing process.

At TWC Nutrition we blend our pharmaceutical acumen with a safety-first approach to deliver unparalleled quality and compliance. Testing methodologies and product specifications are developed from compendial standards, a series of testing methods specific to pharmaceutical raw materials and finished product. Expiry dates and shelf life are supported with stability testing and retained samples.

Critical and quality control points round out our robust quality program. Inspections and testing are performed throughout the entire manufacturing process starting with raw materials. This also includes in-process line inspections, finished product testing, and lot code tracking prior to distribution.

At TWC Nutrition we hold ourselves to the highest standards for clean nutrition. We believe that trust and transparency are not only important but are the foundations of our business. To better understand the benchmarks and processes that verify safe supplements, we’ve developed an online information tool. When a product lot code is entered into the tool, a full certificate of analysis is delivered. Through our quality systems and control procedures we are better able to deliver the transparency that our discerning and vigilant consumers and customers deserve.

On-site QC Lab

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