Manufacturing Capabilities

At TWC Nutrition our facility boasts automatic and semi-automatic production lines for blending and packaging an assortment of nutritional supplements in a range of container types, sizes and labelling requirements. As a long-established Canadian manufacturer of nutritional supplements, we specialize in blended powders but can meet the requirements of capsules, tablets and soft gels. Pursuing never-ending improvement, we continue to expand and are looking to increase our capacity in liquids. 

Our science-based approach to blend uniformity and solubility has resulted in award-winning protein powders recognized for their uncompromising quality. Our portfolio includes whey, vegan and whole food nutrition as well as sport specific supplements. All production occurs in temperature and humidity monitored GMP areas. We follow strict quality assurance protocols in accordance with NSF GMP regulations, regimented cleaning procedures and extensive site testing to eliminate cross-contamination and ensure the highest quality.


  • Powders


  • Tablets


  • Capsules


  • Soft Gels

    Soft Gels


  • Bottle


  • Blister Packs

    Blister Packs

  • Sachet


  • Cartoning


Product Development Capabilities


At TWC Nutrition affordable, natural formulations are the backbone of our business and lead all product development. Combining market research, clinical studies and years of supplement industry experience, our Research & Development team works to create innovative yet functional formulas at an affordable cost that exceed consumers’ expectations.

We use clinically studied ingredients at optimal efficacious doses and selectively source them from around the world. Our products are formulated through systematic trials and developed to one of the highest standards of third-party testing by NSF resulting in superior delivery of performance-driven nutrition free from artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. 

Stringent Natural Requirements

Synergistic Formulation Approach

Selectively Sourced Ingredients

Signature Flavouring System

Quality Control & Assurance

At TWC Nutrition our Quality Control and Assurance teams scrutinize all aspects of product development and manufacturing. From a dedicated QC lab, products, ingredients and packaging are thoroughly tested against established quality control standards and regulations to ensure product quality, safety and compliance.

Our experienced team of scientists and experts are steadfast in their quality control and assurance through a breadth of processes, designed to protect consumers. This includes stability testing, testing procedures and methodology development, as well as process validations.

Stability Testing Enrolment

Methodology Development

Process Validations

Finished Product Testing


At TWC Nutrition, regulatory is embedded in the product development process. From checking the regulatory status of ingredients to reviewing label claims within the NHP, Food and Dietary Supplement categories, the Regulatory team understands the unique market requirements around the world.  

Our regulatory expertise extends to international product registrations, NHP applications, TMA applications and DSHEA notice. Because we work to reach beyond typical quality measures, we fluently facilitate third-party certifications such as NSF International, Kosher, Halal, VegeCert and iGen Non-GMO.

Certification Support

NHP and TMA Applications

Product Registrations

Global Market Requirements

Packaging Support

At TWC Nutrition our knowledgeable designers develop all packaging graphics for shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, cartons, and sachets. Our extensive experience in traditional and digital printing methods ensures a seamless workflow from conception through to final execution that is aesthetically on brand and functionally focussed. 

Our Creative team works closely with trusted suppliers to ensure label dielines are accurate, fit testing is performed, specifications are accurate and technical requirements for manufacturing are accurate. Employing 3D technologies and custom prototyping, all packaging is reviewed for aesthetic appeal and presence prior to implementation. 

Packaging Design

Dielines and Fit Testing

3D Mockups

Custom Prototyping